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For Press Release

The Hunger Mountain Boys (Kip Beacco, Teddy Weber and Matt Downing) have just cracked the half-decade mark of their touring and recording career. In that short time, they have released four full-length albums and one vinyl single on their own record label, toured from coast to coast, Canada, Europe and the UK, and have garnered a collection of accolades from USA Today to Bluegrass Unlimited.

Fulfilling invitations to open for such Americana icons as Taj Mahal, Doc Watson, Iris Dement and Ralph Stanley, among others, The Hunger Mountain Boys have directly absorbed musical influences from a broad reaching transection of American music. Merging these contemporary influences with their own eclectic upbringings and infatuation with the 1920’s, 30’s, and 40’s western swing, country jazz and early bluegrass, The Hunger Mountain Boys embody these musical traditions while revealing their own voices. Their music resonates from an unoccupied niche in the resurgence of today’s acoustic string bands. The Hunger Mountain Boys show no sign of slowing down.


In the News, Reviews & Quotes

Interview with The Scope, the weekly newspaper of St. John's, Newfoundland...

Feature Story "Seeking Fulfillment with the Hunger Mountain Boys"
Bluegrass Music Profiles, July/August 2006

"Although brother-act tributes are common these days, The Hunger Mountain Boys are in front of the pack...." 
Bluegrass Music Profiles 
Sept-Oct 2006 Issue Artist of the Month August 2004,_new_music_200606211315.html

"Although brother-act tributes are common these days, The Hunger Mountain Boys are in front of the pack...." 

"Blue Ribbon Waltz should be taken seriously both as a loving tribute to the pre-bluegrass brother-act sound and as a fine set of new songs."

“It is only the sonic clearity and warmth of their recording that makes you realize that you are not actually living in the past, but hearing its immaculate recreation.....These guys believe.”

“This duet is ready to take lovers of bluegrass and early country music by storm. Their show is alive with the spirit of the early performers, and you can feel their love for what they do. Entertaining teamwork; first class musicianship and singing; good, heartfelt and sometimes funny material, with some excellent new songs in the old style. What a combination! It makes me wish they had a 15-minute radio show I could listen to every day.

“Blue Ribbon Waltz is the real deal as the Hunger Mountain Boys have recreated those early days of country music through expert musicianship, joyous vocals and quality originals and classic material. Well done!

"As a Traditional Bluegrass Music promoter/agent, The Hunger Mt. Boys are what I’m looking for. Youthful exuberance, fantastic vocals, lightning pickin’, and genuine respect for Tradtional Country & Bluegrass Music. I believe they’re road has no end."

“The smartly-suited duet ripped out traditional country and original songs at a furious pace, spitting out lyrics so rapidly that, at times, it was difficult to keep up. To make it even more interesting, the duet frequently changed instruments. “

“The picking is pretty sharp throughout, but what steals the show is the tightly intertwined high lonesome vocal harmonies.”

“Both Teddy Weber and Kip Beacco write with a sound and in a voice that is hard to date, it’s just good country. From the solo mandolin of the title track to the tight harmonies of Cry Away the Years, this is a must-have for fans of the down home.”

“These are some nimble-fingered, barn-burnin’ country boys . . . or they’re time-travelers, one or the other. You don’t need a degree to recognize the prettiest pickin’ you’ve ever heard.”

“The Hunger Mountain Boys could have easily been performing sixty years ago instead of at the beginning of the twenty-first century....Fashioned in the Old Way features plenty of the old-style duo singing, guaranteed to raise goosebumps. Expect to hear much more from the Hunger Mountain Boys.”

“The Hunger Mountain Boys recapture evenings spent sitting on the floor in front of the old Philco listening to country music that’s just about as elementalas it gets. Except for the fact that there’s no static, these could easily be taken for transcriptions from 1935 or so.”

“Genuine. Authentic. Bonafide. Beautiful in its simplicity... The Hunger Mountain Boys’ sound is all these and more. If not for the excellent production values... you would literally have to read the liner notes to believe that this music was not recorded in the 1920s.”

“Their unabashed stage show is one not to miss.”

“Yeah! This is the real thing—nothing but straight-ahead heartfelt singing punctuated by exquisite picking. I enjoyed every “old fashioned” moment... what a cool record!”

“The new face of Old-Time.”

“They’re the next big duo... the singing and playing is very sharp, right on the money... this act will continue to rise, and quickly.”

“Not much since the 20’s, 30’s and early 40’s have we heard such music as The Hunger Mountain Boys with their authentic old time sound. They are a genuine facsimile of that era from their period dress to their spot-on vocalization... It’s no wonder they are one of the fastest rising groups in the Northeast today”.

“Their high energy and sincere approach to the brother-style duet harmony singing helps to set them aside from other performers at bluegrass festivals. The crowd loved them... the response made it clear that they won’t soon be forgotten. If you haven’t seen them be sure to catch their next show!!!”

“The Hunger Mountain Boys are the genuine article! Their new CD Fashioned in the Old Way is a fantastic record and a well-received addition to our play list.”

“The Hunger Mountain Boys, a terrific duo...shared a single, old-style microphone, and they harmonized in the old-country brother style...their fleet playing was matched by their plaintive, microtonal singing.”

“The Hunger Mountain Boys are youthful, bowler-wearing, harmony-driven throwbacks.”

The Hunger Mountain Boys have... “written some stellar material...and sing with a lot of swing, a lot of soul and a lot of class.”

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