We must admit that music is like food for the soul. It produces amazing effects on our brain and development. When we are overstressed or sad, listening to melodic tunes will help us feel better and be more optimistic. Don’t you know where to hear to the most recent albums of your favorite band? Take a look at our top 5 music streaming websites and apps.

The best music apps

Music streaming gains more popularity each year, even since its inception. Most streaming services allow you to listen to music for free. Why would they do that? To help artists promote and cease the piracy, as well. If you have several guests and you’re in the mood for some great tunes, check our selection of music streaming apps and websites.

Google Play Music is the place where you can find any genre you may like. Although it is loaded with ads, Google Play Music has many other advantages. The app can be installed on both Android and iOS devices. Because it enables offline sync, you may hear your playlist even if you don’t have an internet connection.

Spotify became one of the most popular music streaming apps. It has more than 20 million tracks available to listen to. Do you want to hear rare records of your favorite singer? Chances are you’ll find it on Spotify. Whether you enjoy listening to individual albums or playlists of tracks, all you have is to download the app on your device. Pay $9.99/£9.99 per month, and you will also get rid of the annoying advertising. It will give you the opportunity to download your tracks for offline listening.

SoundCloud is the music app created for those who want a streaming service and social media all in one. Are you curious to find what your most preferred artists listen to when on the road? They will tell you on SoundCloud. Log in, and you’ll be able to comment at certain points in songs. Take a peek at “What’s Trending” section and discover something brand new!

Top streaming websites you should bookmark

What about a music streaming app that would create a radio station with similar tunes like those you already love? Bookmark Pandora or install the music app on your smartphone. After that, you are ready to throw a party and enjoy the vibes with your friends! Vote up or down certain songs and let the Pandora app know what you like to hear. You have access to an impressive library of music, so the ads of the free version are easy to be ignored. You can get rid of them, though, for only $4.99 a month.

iHeartRadio will find suggestions and custom playlists based on what you like. One of the music streaming website’s features allows you to find your favorite radio station by searching by city. Plus, on iHeartRadio you can hear live radio whenever you want. Of course, you heart it!

After studying our top 5 music streaming websites and apps, you certainly know what you must do. Download and install them on your mobile phone! Is it time to party or you’re driving to work? Let the music play!