A music show gets into your heart with more than just the music. The electrifying atmosphere, enthusiastic crowds, and amazing light shows appeal us, again and again, to buy the tickets in advance. No wonder why the most popular artists sell the tickets to their music shows in only a couple of days! Do you know what are the biggest concerts ever help?

Biggest music concerts ever

Some people say that music and books produce the same effects in our mind. It nourishes us, as the good vibes boost our energy levels. When you attend a music concert where millions of people repeat the chores together with the singers on stage, it certainly gives you bumps. Based on the records, these are the biggest music concerts in the history.

1. Rod Stewart at Copacabana Beach. The entire experience was memorable! On 31 December 1994, the audience – 3.5 million people – entered the New Year in style. The event is recorded in The Guinness Book of World Records as the largest free rock concert of all time. Rod Stewart did not want to sing for the rich on a stadium or other traditional venues. No, he wanted to make things differently and performed on the beach. It sure was an excellent gift for the people of Rio! When they counted down seconds to the New Year with the artist, the energy was incredible.

2. Jean Michel Jarre in Moscow. On 6 September 1997, the musician was commissioned by the Mayor of Moscow to perform for the 850th anniversary of the city. His music was admired by 3.5 million people in front of the imposing architecture of the State University in Moscow. When he showed what he had reserved for the Russian audience – a direct Link with the Russian space station – all of those who were present were thrilled.

3. Jean Michel Jarre in Paris. Yes, the same musician was the performer of several really big concerts. Paris La Défense – Une Ville En Concert was held on 14 July 1990, on Bastille Day. 2.5 million people enjoyed the good music in front of the pyramidal stage and even all the way down to the Arc de Triomphe. The French National Day was remarkable in that year!
What are the most awaited musical events in 2017?

Music brings people together. When they attend to festivals or other musical events, people line up to stand in front of their most preferred performers. In 2017, many great artists and bands will mesmerize their audience. U2, Roger Waters, Depeche Mode, Lionel Richie, Nick Cave, Phil Collins, Bruno Mars, and Bon Jovi are only some of the big names coming up on stage.

Which one will enter the list of the biggest concerts ever held? Can any of the performers mentioned above bring over 3 million people together, to sing their favorite songs along the bands? Remember that the best tickets are sold soon after announcing the concert. Get yours on time!